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Art is the expression of creativity or imagination, or both. This page of our website is reserved to display pictures, paintings, drawings, poems and stories sent to us.

Share your inspiration! Write a poem or short story about your battle with tobacco

By Peter Gualtieri: Former smoker who attended Montclair State University for Fine Arts and Parsons School of Design in NYC


By Wayne Holland, CHOICES Team Member: Branching Out

Poem by Bill Newbold
To smoke or not to smoke
there is no question about it
whether it is lung cancer or a long life
the choice to choose is obvious.
Life is good, life is great,
life is hard
but much harder when I smoked.
When I smoked I had no time to be in life
so smoking is not to be and is not nobler too.
What a cigarette does hurts
not only myself but the others about.
There are no more places left to smoke in my life
or even in the world at large.
I have decided to ban smoking in my apartment
and so far that has happened.
No one for over two weeks has smoked here.
I can feel the fresh air
keeping me healthy.
Once there was money
to smoke
and time to waste
but now the days are shorter
and my life too.
I can not waste my time
and money
doing something to hurt myself.
I love me
and who I am becoming.
I think therefore
I know not to smoke.
I know not to smoke
so I am an ex-smoker.
I am an ex-smoker
therefore I have become free
of the addiction.
I am free of the addiction
and now it is time
to help others
free themselves from the smoking.

A poem by Wayne H.
You have to be tough,
you have to be mean,
to fight the cigarette
and keep yourself clean.
You think to yourself-
what's one more drag?
Those butts belong in the garbage bag.
You want 'em when you're happy,
you want 'em when you're sad,
all those chemicals can hurt you real bad.
Some say I'm cool - Some say I'm the fool,
those cigarettes can be real cruel.
So listen to me now and take my advice:
Stay away from tobacco
so your world will be nice.

By Franklin R.H.

I am smoking just to get by
I smoke to pass the time
I smoke to my last dime
When I first started at fourteen
In my head I thought I was Cool, Rugged and Mean
Posing at the street corner with a cigarette hanging on my lip
Blowing out smoke through my nostrils
Thinking it was a talent to be seen
Then it turns into a habit
Craving first thing in the morning and after each meal
I can't go to the bathroom without a cigarette
Stinking thinking a pack a day is moderate
Blowing smoke for a quarter of a century
I should be the owner of the industry
The damage of prolong use of nicotine
Short out of breath I'm no longer pristine
All of a sudden I yearn to be clean
Get my health back
And save the money that I lack
Please doctor
Help me with this task
For I want to live many more years
Being wealthy, healthy and wise
My only hope is you, doctor
Help me if you please
Heal me from this ill will.

Grim Reaper
by Wayne Holland

I've smoked cigarettes
With real regret.
They say tobacco is a thriller.
It's more like a killer.
People say you can die
Walking across the street
But you don't jump into the fire
Just because you're feeling the heat.
I knew cigarettes were not good.
It was hard to put them down
Like I knew I should.
I was getting into smoking deeper and deeper.
I knew I didn't want to see the grim reaper.
I tried and tried till eventually I quit.
I won't miss the grim reaper
Not even a little bit.


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Last Updated 12/27/16